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Company profile

  Fujian DAYU Heavy Duty CNC Machine Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional company integrated with research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and services who focuses on producing the heavy duty model and ultra-precision CNC machine tools. Company is located in Nanan City, Fujian Province Binjiang Development Zone, covers an area of 30,000 square meters, the registered capital is 20 million yuan. The first phase of the company's new plant area is 5,000 square meters, the new constant-temperature workshop is  500 square meters, the new complex building is 7400 square meters. A total investment of 55 million yuan for the project, the project is designed to  operate with an annually production capacity of 20-40 various types of heavy, ultra-precision CNC machine tools, with an annually 2-3 million income.

  The company founder Mr. Chen Panshui (professor level senior engineer, the State Council special contribution experts, the original XF machine tool plant director, chief engineer, grinding machine director) under his leadership, the company quickly gathered a number of domestic technicians who were engaged in various types of heavy precision CNC machine tool design, manufacturing and elites from other field refer to this industry. The company has a strong design and development capabilities in the NC roll grinder design and development of the field, has accumulated lots of experiences and many unique technologies both from domestica and overseas in order to develop and manufacture the high-performance products and guarantee our customers with a reliable technique support.

  MTK84, MZK84, MGK84 series of high-precision CNC roll grinders; CNC vibration polishing machine; MK10, MGK10 series of high-precision CNC centerless grinders, MGK13 series of ultra-precision cylindrical grinders are the leading products of DAYU. MTK84, MZK84, MGK84 series of automatic CNC roll grinder for rolling, metallurgy, nonferrous metal processing, paper, rubber, printing and dyeing, heavy duty equipment and other industries, suitable for all kinds of work roll, support roll, calendering roll, for arbitrary curve grinding requirement, this kind of machine is an important equipment for sheet production line, the grinding accuracy directly affect the production quality.

  Company's production gravity is in Fujian and Jiangsu Wuxi, Zhejiang area as the processing base to consist of a complete high-precision CNC grinding machine production chain. As the core enterprise of the whole industry chain, DAYU controls the research and development and precision assembly of high precision grinding machines, and distribute other processing work to other enterprises. Zhuozhou huamn resource network cooperates with DAYU in order to provide the relevant manpower in this industry chain, under this kind of industrial chain pattern, more conducive to the main goals and focus on improving the quality of products and technology, and truly make progress with technology to promote the growth of enterprises, with high-tech products to adapt the fierce market competition situation.

  DAYU has already delivered lots of roll grinders to the non-ferrous metals industry, iron and steel enterprises, roll manufacturing, and achieved good results as return, advanced products and quality service has been widely recognized by the customers.

  In 2009, the company made a medium and long-term development plan, the company will further deepen the reform, strengthen management, integration of resources, optimize the product structure, increase investment in scientific research and technological transformation projects, in 2011, the company has became the domestic high-precision CNC machine tools production base.