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CNC machine tool manufacturing industry will move in six directions

2017-09-15 12:00:00 AM

  CNC machine tools is an important basic equipment for machine tool manufacturing, so its development has attracted more attention. In recent years, China's machine tool manufacturing industry is facing both the development of manufacturing equipment opportunities, but also encountered the pressure of market competition. Technically speaking, accelerating the numerical control technology will be a key to solve the sustainable development of machine tool manufacturing industry. At present, the world's advanced manufacturing technology continues to rise, ultra-high-speed cutting, ultra-precision machining and other technology applications, the rapid development of flexible manufacturing systems and computer systems continue to mature, CNC machining technology put forward higher requirements. Today's CNC machine tools are moving in the following directions.

  1. Maximize reliability

  The reliability of CNC machine tools has always been the main concern of users. CNC system will use a higher degree of integration of the circuit chip, the use of large-scale or large-scale special and hybrid integrated circuits to reduce the number of components to improve reliability. Through the hardware function of software to meet the requirements of a variety of control functions, while the use of hardware structure of the machine body of the modular, standardized and universal and serialization, making both to improve the production of hardware, but also easy to organize production and quality checks. But also through automatic operation to start the diagnosis, online diagnosis, offline diagnosis and other diagnostic procedures to achieve the system hardware, software and a variety of external equipment for fault diagnosis and alarm. The use of error detection technology, the use of fault-tolerant technology, the use of "redundant" design of important components to achieve fault recovery; use of various tests, monitoring technology, when the production overtravel, knife damage, interference, power and other When the accident, the corresponding protection.

  2. Control system miniaturization

  CNC system to facilitate the miniaturization of the machine, electrical devices into one. At present, the main use of large-scale integrated components, multi-layer printed circuit board, the use of three-dimensional installation method, so that electronic components can be high-density installation, large-scale reduction of space occupied by the system. The use of new color LCD thin display instead of the traditional cathode ray tube, CNC system will further miniaturization. So that it can be easily installed in the machine equipment, more convenient for the operation of CNC machine tools.

  3. Intelligent

  Modern CNC machine tools will introduce adaptive control technology, according to changes in cutting conditions, automatically adjust the working parameters, so that the process can maintain the best working condition, resulting in higher processing accuracy and smaller surface roughness, but also can Improve the service life of the tool and the production efficiency of the equipment. With self-diagnosis, self-repair function, in the whole working state, the system at any time on the CNC system itself and its associated with a variety of equipment self-diagnosis, inspection. Once the failure, the immediate use of downtime and other measures, and failure alarm, suggesting that the failure of the site, the reasons. You can also automatically take the faulty module offline and connect the spare module to ensure that the unmanned working environment is required. In order to achieve higher fault diagnosis requirements, the development trend is to use artificial intelligence expert diagnostic system.

  4. CNC programming automation

  At present, CAD / CAM graphics interactive automatic programming has been more applications, digital technology is the development of new trends. It is the use of CAD drawing parts processing drawings, and then through the computer tool path data to calculate and post-processing, which automatically generate NC parts processing procedures to achieve the integration of CAD and CAM. With the development of CIMS technology, there is a fully automatic CAD / CAPP / CAM integrated automatic programming method. The biggest difference between CAD programming and CAD / CAM system programming is that the processing parameters required for programming are not required by manual participation, Within the CAPP database.

  5. High speed, high precision

  Speed and accuracy are two important indicators of CNC machine tools, it is directly related to the processing efficiency and product quality. At present, the numerical control system uses the number of bits, higher frequency of the processor, in order to improve the basic operation speed of the system. At the same time, the use of ultra-large-scale integrated circuits and multi-microprocessor architecture to improve the system's data processing capabilities, that is, to improve the speed and accuracy of interpolation operations. And the use of linear motor direct drive machine tool table linear servo feed mode, its high speed and dynamic response characteristics are quite superior. Using feedforward control technology, so that tracking lag error greatly reduced, thereby improving the machining accuracy of corner cutting.

  6. Multi-functional

  With the automatic tool changer (tooling capacity of up to 100 or more) of the various processing centers, in the same machine at the same time to achieve milling, boring, drilling, turning, reaming, reaming, Processing, modern CNC machine tools also use a multi-spindle, polygon cutting, that is, a different parts of the different parts of the different ways of cutting. CNC system as a result of the use of multi-CPU structure and hierarchical interrupt control, you can in a machine at the same time parts processing and programming, to achieve the so-called "front processing, background editing." In order to meet the requirements of flexible manufacturing systems and computer integrated systems, CNC system has a long-range serial interface, or even network, to achieve data communication between CNC machine tools, but also directly on the control of multiple CNC machine tools.

  In order to meet the requirements of ultra-high-speed machining, the CNC machine adopts the structure of the spindle motor and the spindle of the machine tool to realize the integration of the variable frequency motor and the machine tool spindle. The bearing of the spindle motor adopts magnetic bearing, hydrostatic bearing or ceramic rolling bearing form.

  CNC machine tools with its excellent flexibility in the performance of automation, excellent and stable precision, agile and diverse features attracted worldwide attention, it created a mechanical product to the development of mechanical and electrical integration of the first, so the NC technology into advanced manufacturing technology A core technology. On the other hand, through continuous research, the deepening of information technology applications to promote the further improvement of CNC machine tools.

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