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DAYU memorabilia

Fujian Da Yu heavy machine first session of the General Assembly held a grand

2017-08-18 12:00:00 AM

  June 17, 2010, sponsored by the Fujian Dawu heavy machine "Da Yu heavy machine first science and technology conference" held in Fujian Nanan grand.

  The conference, the major CNC roll grinder are sent to attend the meeting, at the meeting, the industry veteran experts, my company chairman Chen Panshui published on the current domestic and international development of CNC roll grinder made a detailed analysis of the situation, And the current domestic CNC roll grinder development prospects for the future. At the meeting, we are currently on the domestic production of some of the technical bottlenecks do in-depth discussion, have said they will strive to make our high-precision CNC grinding machine quality to a higher level.