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What are the characteristics of centerless grinding machine and plain grinder?

2018-01-29 02:53:00 PM

1. Continuous processing, no need to return the knife, and clamping workpiece for short copy time, high productivity.

2, bracket and wheel positioning than ordinary cylindrical grinder, top center frame supporting rigid good, the cutting quantity can be larger, and is helpful for machining of long and thin axle, easy to realize high speed grinding and grinding.

3, centerless grinding machine by cylindrical workpiece positioning on positioning, grinding on the workpiece diameter allowance, so the grinding wheel wear, compensation of can feed mechanism and repetitive positioning accuracy of the cutting error influence on precision parts diameter size. Only half of ordinary cylindrical grinder, no central hole, and easy to implement, lower material automation.

4, wide wheel centerless grinder can be used by institutions, enhance the machining allowance every time, when cut into the ground to modalities surface grinding or more grinding wheel grinding, in turn productivity high, wide application scope.

5. Without guarantee the relative position accuracy (coaxiality, verticality, etc.) of grinding surface and non-grinding surface, the roundness of the grinding cycle is less than that of the external surface.

6. The surface of grinding is easy to produce an odd number of edges, and if larger, it will cause the illusion that the measurement size is smaller than the maximum physical size, and the assembly quality and working performance will be affected.

7. The adjustment of the machine tool is more complicated and time-consuming, and it is necessary to adjust the height of brackets and the distance and related technological parameters for each piece of work with different diameters. Therefore, it is difficult to adjust the technology, not suitable for small batch and single piece production.