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How to "ripen" the domestic nc system technology

2018-06-26 04:07:55 PM

"For a long time, the defense industry in urgent need of high speed, high precision, multi-axis linkage CNC machine tools and high-grade CNC system has been the important international strategic materials, strict restrictions on exports by western countries." Recently, Chen jihong, a professor at huazhong university of science and technology, and director of the national center for engineering and technology research of numerical control system, talked with sci-tech daily about the development of domestic high-end numerical control system.

Start in 2009, the state science and technology major projects "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" (hereinafter referred to as "special" 04), enterprise promote technical level, support domestic nc system to overcome the motion control technology, platform technology, network technology and intelligent technology key core technology from four aspects, such as high-grade CNC technology bottleneck breakthrough, comprehensive to narrow the gap with foreign. 'the narrowing of the technology gap is not equal to the breakthrough of the market,' Mr. Chen said. According to statistics, China's high-end CNC system market share only 7%.

The narrowing of technology gap is not equal to the narrowing of technology maturity

As an industrial product, measuring CNC system mainly has three technical indicators: function, performance and reliability. They solve the problems of "usable", "usable" and "durable" respectively. With the support of the national 04 special project, on the basis of previous generations of technical breakthroughs, the advanced CNC system, represented by the type 8 in central China, has been developed.

In order to evaluate the actual level of science, a special third party was entrusted to test the newly developed domestic high-end CNC system products. The third-party evaluation results show that the domestic high-end CNC system has reached 98% for the 1989 benchmarking evaluation items of functional test. Through two years of reliability test, the reliability of domestic nc system is comparable to that of foreign products.

The high speed and high precision performance of domestic nc system is not far behind that of foreign countries. In some application fields, the processing efficiency of domestic nc system is even higher than that of foreign countries. However, in the complex application environment of five-axis linkage, full-closed loop and multi-axis synchronous drive, there is a certain gap between the dynamic performance indexes of domestic high-end CNC system and those of foreign countries.

The technology maturity of domestic nc system is not enough. It is not difficult to develop several high - grade CNC systems to complete various test and verification in laboratory and actual production.

A numerical control system does not have problems, does not mean that the batch does not have problems, a year does not mean a decade does not have problems. The breakthrough on each point does not represent the breakthrough on the surface. So at present, the main thing that is stuck in the neck of domestic high-end CNC system is the maturity of technology. Chen jihong thinks: "the technical progress of domestic high-grade numerical control system has narrowed the gap with foreign countries. But the narrowing of the technology gap is not the same as the narrowing of technology maturity.

Without market testing, there is no opportunity for technical iteration

The goal of developing domestic nc system is to realize industrialization. The key point of industrialization is to improve the technology maturity of domestic advanced nc system as soon as possible, and the improvement of technology maturity must be completed in the process of industrialization.

With Japan fanuc, Siemens of Germany as the representative of foreign enterprises, both in the field of numerical control system development for nearly 60 years, accumulated a large number of advanced technology, has established a worldwide technical barriers and market advantage. In the Chinese market, these foreign companies have also worked for more than 40 years. By virtue of the advantages of products in technology and performance, we have already possessed a good market brand and customer reputation, forming a "market ecosystem".

In fact, the foreign advanced CNC system early technical maturity is not too high. But due to the large number of high-end represented by China's military enterprise users, large-scale, long-term mass production application, help foreign numerical control system has carried on the comprehensive test validation, and the application of the inspection for a long time, find, feedback for foreign high-grade CNC system a lot of problems, it prompted foreign technology constantly improve the maturity of high-grade CNC system.

"Good products are used. Only when they are widely used in the market and problems are found in the application can they have the opportunity to iterate and improve the technology, and the technology maturity can be improved continuously.

Only realize large-scale market application, the product of the production cost can be reduced, the product can further improve the market competitiveness, r&d investment in the prophase to withdraw, enterprise can form a self hematopoietic capacity virtuous circle." "Said Chen.

We should give priority to and actively support domestic CNC systems

The research and development of numerical control system technology is difficult and expensive. It is more difficult to break the foreign "market ecosystem" and realize industrialization. This requires strong resources for support and huge investment, which is far beyond the capacity of an enterprise.

"Like the big aircraft industry, the CNC system industry is both a strategic and fundamental core technology industry and a fully competitive market," said Chen. For such strategic and basic industries, the state should not treat them according to the general market competitive industries.

Ji-hong Chen also said that we should rightfully to create a favorable market environment for domestic CNC system, CNC system abroad is not specified in the government procurement bidding, and get involved in equal competition opportunity for domestic nc system, encourage users to enterprises under the condition of the same price, specify choose domestic nc system; Rearrange and start the VAT refund policy of the CNC machine tool industry, and support China's CNC machine tool industry to increase investment in technology research and development. With reference to the national first set of major technical equipment insurance policy, the domestic high-end CNC system will be included in the implementation list.