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The Regulation of Lathe Coordinate System and Motion Direction

2019-05-23 09:54:12 AM

1. Always assume that the workpiece is stationary and that the tool moves relative to the workpiece.

2. Right-handed Cartesian coordinate system is adopted. As shown in the figure, the direction of thumb is X axis, index finger is Y axis, and middle finger is Z axis. On the basis of determining X, Y and Z coordinates and according to the right-handed screw rule, the directions of three rotating coordinates A, B and C can be easily determined.

3. The movement of Z-coordinate is determined by the spindle which transmits cutting power. The coordinate axis parallel to the spindle axis is Z-axis, and the X-axis is horizontal, parallel to the workpiece clamping surface and perpendicular to Z-axis.

4. Provide that the direction away from the workpiece is the positive direction of the coordinate axis.

When the lathe is a front tool holder, the X-axis is forward, pointing to the operator. When the lathe is a rear tool holder, the X-axis is forward and backward, deviating from the operator.

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