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M1040S Centerless Grinder


MM1040S Centerless Grinder

1, the main purpose and scope of application

The machine is mainly used to grind the diameter of 2 ~ 40mm, the length of 140mm within the cylindrical parts, but also grinding diameter of 7 ~ 40mm, the length of 120mm within the rotary body forming parts, and taper ≤ 1: 20 tapered parts And grinding diameter of 7 ~ 40mm, the maximum length of 300mm cylindrical parts, suitable for large quantities of the factory.

1.2 Features

1.2.1 wheel spindle with five dynamic pressure bearings, carrying capacity, good rigidity, smooth rotation.

1.2.2 The working speed of the guide wheel adopts AC motor frequency conversion. Easy to choose the appropriate speed for different diameter parts.

Guide wheel spindle in front of a monolithic bearing, followed by rolling bearings, and in the door there is a monolithic bearing support, bearing capacity, good rigidity, smooth rotation.

1.2.3 guide wheel in the horizontal plane can be a small angle of rotation, grinding in the tapered parts, the grinding wheel may not be trimmed into a cone.

1.2.4 wheel dresser and guide wheel dresser longitudinal movement are used hydraulic transmission, uniform speed, high precision, and can reduce the operator's labor intensity.

1.2.5 two dresser profile guide with double V-shaped steel ball structure guide, profiling sensitive, high precision, long life and so on.

1.2.6 Feeding movement with double V-shaped rail, with mobile sensitivity, high precision, long life. Feeding mechanism using servo motor, turbine worm, rolling screw to achieve without hand wheel operation. Feed the value of the size of the required amount of moving feed.

1.2.7 cut into the grinding of the reciprocating and feeding action to achieve automatic circulation, coarse grinding, grinding, no spark delay on demand can be arbitrarily set.

2, technical parameters

2.1 vertical feed grinding (standard bracket)

2.1.1 workpiece diameter 2 ~ 40mm

2.1.2 Maximum grinding length 140mm

2.2 Horizontal feed grinding

2.2.1 workpiece diameter 7 ~ 40mm

2.2.2 Maximum grinding length 120mm

2.3 Grinding wheel PSΑ 350X125X127

2.4 Guide wheel PSΑ 250X125X111.2

2.5 wheel speed 1870r / min

2.6 wheel speed

Working speed 20 ~ 180r / min (Promise)

Dressing speed ≥ 250r / min

2.7 Guide wheel rotation angle

Vertical plane - 2 ° ~ + 4 °

0 ° ~ 3 ° in the horizontal plane

2.8 guide wheel feed the minimum value of 0.001mm

2.9 cut into feed

2.9.1 Rapid feed rate 30mm / min

2.9.2 Cutting feed rate 1 ~ 500um / s

2.9.3 No spark grinding time 0 ~ 30s

2.10 sand guide wheel dresser feed the minimum value of 0.01mm

2.11 Grinding wheel and guide wheel center connection to the bottom of the bracket height 190mm

2.12 machine total power of about 9Kw

Grinding wheel motor power 7.5Kw

Guide wheel motor power 1.1Kw

Feed Servomotor Static Torque 5.39N.M

2.13 machine lead power supply 50Hz, 380V

2.14 Machine dimensions (length x width x height) 155cmX130cmX140cm

2.15 machine weight about 2000kg Machine weight, Approx 2000kg